Devoted Creations provides the very finest in aloe vera based products giving your skin the moisture it needs to provide you with the results you want! They work hand-in-hand with major cosmetic companies to formulate products providing skin care benefits that many call is “better than Botox”! Their chemist is often found in laboratories around the world developing the most effective and cutting edge products. The best thing? Devoted Creations guarantee their products contain only the finest and freshest ingredients by manufacturing all of their own products, allowing them to ensure the highest level of quality control.

Why are lotions so important?

Lotions are more important to the tanning process than many people think. Not only do these products get you much darker, in much less time, they also quench your skins thirst by giving it maximum hydration. Our lotions have vitamins, minerals, and skin-care technologies out of this world that nourish and restore your skin. Lotions prepare your skin to tan better and DOUBLE your results, saving money and time spent on your tanning sessions!

Which lotion is recommended?

All of our staff are Smart Tan Certified and well educated in the variety of products we offer. Each lotion acts, looks, and smells different than the others, but they all deliver stunningly dark results. Whether you are looking for the darkest tan in the shortest time, need a product that is gentle on sensitive skin, or just prefer a lotion that smells great, our staff will help you make the choice that is right for you!