UV Tanning

At Caribbean Hot Spot, we offer an array of stand-up booths to help every tanner achieve their desired result.

We always suggest stopping in to the salon so one of our certified tanning consultants can explain the different booth levels and different tanning options to help find what best suits you! Our prices vary depending on which booth level and tanning option you choose. We have memberships, prepaid unlimited plans, and individual tanning sessions that can be bought in a “package”. Don’t forget to ask about current specials and which tanning lotion you should use. We look forward to seeing you!


If you are looking for top-notch results but don’t have a lot of time, without the heat, the Platinum booth is the perfect solution for you! The Platinum booth is the only tanning booth available with a maximum exposure of just 7 minutes offering you a fast, dark tan with comfort!


A maximum standing time of only 8 minutes, with less UVB, and MORE UVA rays, this booth is designed specifically to help assist the melanin process needed to achieve a great base tan, in as little as 3 to 4 sessions.


Compared to our Gold (T60) booth, with a maximum tanning time of 10 minutes and a base tan result in 6 to 7 sessions.


This booth contains a higher amount of UVB, and is often recommended only for the purpose of skin conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema. This booth is NOT recommended for tanning, because it has very little UVA, which are the UV rays needed for the tanning process.